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PhD studies begin!

I’m looking forward to starting my PhD studies formally at the University of Edinburgh on Monday 29th September, when I will meet my supervisors face-to-face to discuss my thesis proposal.  My new area of study will be game-based learning, an interest of mine for the past four years.  I have been involved with an organisation called Games Britannia which has been delivering a schools festival based around computer games and game design.  It has led to a fascination about the potential of games for learning and an academic interest in the ways people learn in games, particularly young people.

I work as an e-learning consultant in schools across Barnsley and Sheffield and sometimes further afield. This gives me the chance to observe technology of all sorts being used in the classroom and also gives me access to some very interesting young people.  I hope that they will help me with my research and that my findings might help them in the future.


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